Project Update

Greetings community members,

Since our meeting in October of last year, Riverside Minor Baseball Association and Save the Park Committee volunteers have been hard at work making this project a reality. We had a great turnout at the community meeting and, since then, over 2,000 people have signed the petition supporting the cause. Over 100 lawn signs have been sent out to homes throughout the community and we’ll be out with more in spring.

We’ve received outstanding support from many members of the community. Residents, business owners, and a number of community organizations have expressed their interest in the project and offered their assistance to help move it forward. We’re laying out a comprehensive business plan for the project and have already started the initial round of fundraising necessary to kick-start a broader campaign. We will present the business plan to City of Windsor council at a meeting in April, where we’ll look for official support to move ahead with the project.

But we still need your help! We need to let our elected leaders know that this project is important for the community of Riverside and Windsor as a whole. We need you to call, email, or talk with your councillor about why we need to Save the Park for future generations! Click here for a full of councillor’s email addresses and phone number.

If you know anyone who hasn’t yet signed the petition or requested a lawn sign, they can do so online at the links in the menu bar above. We also have a number of project committees which are open to anybody who would like to volunteer their time on the project. If you’re interested, please contact Riverside Minor Baseball Association for more information.

Thanks for your support!


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