Look What’s Happening at the Miracle Park!

Here’s a step-by-step update of where we’re at with the new Riverside Miracle Park Playground, which is scheduled to open this summer.

  • Playground supplier has completed install of all items and removed their equipment from the site.
  • Four park benches will be installed once the cement base is poured.
  • NEOS from the city to be picked up and installed once the pad is poured.
  • Coco Concrete has completed the remaining curbing around the playground.
  • Shea Brothers has completed the drainage work onsite and received inspection approval from the city to backfill.
  • The playground grading is being finalized so that it is ready for the rubber base, pending reliable weather.
  • The landscape architect has finalized the finished design, which was submitted to the city for final approval.
  • The Cenotaph and area design has been reworked and submitted to the city for final approval.
  • Granite and stone vendors have been contacted to evaluate materials and costs for the Cenotaph.
  • 20 park benches and foul-ball poles have been received and are being stored at a Farrow warehouse until needed.
  • Flagpoles have been received and are being stored at a Farrow warehouse until needed.
  • The Family Pavilion has been slightly relocated on the site plan to better suit its proximity to the playground and ball field.
  • The roofing finish will feature quality shingles versus metal roofing.
  • The Scoreboard order has been placed.
  • The scoreboard will cost about $65,000 (including HST), which is about $15,000 under budget. There is a donor for the steel scoreboard posts.
  • Zekelman Industries will provide the steel structure for the Family Pavilion and the arbors at the Cenotaph area.
  • Electrical drawings are now complete and ready for review. The electrical drawings have been donated to the project.
  • A meeting was held with the Mayor Drew Dilkens and Jan Wilson to discuss washroom needs and the poor condition of the West parking lot, which is outside the scope of our project. Coun.
  • Jo-Anne Gignac joined the meeting by conference call, and many reasonable and equitable solutions were explored.
  • The outcome: During budget deliberations, the city approved a $1.2 million commitment to the Miracle Park project.
  • The additional city funding will go toward fully accessible washrooms and change rooms, while also refinishing the West parking lot.
  • Weather permitting, the asphalt should be removed by the end of April.
  • When the asphalt is removed, we will have a better understanding of what it will take to finish the prep work for the ball field.

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